Are you ready for THE call?

dadandcarrieYou know the one I’m talking about, right?

  • The call that makes your pulse race, your heart sink, your blood pressure spike and the clock stop?
  • The call that makes you abandon your grocery cart in the aisle and disregard every traffic rule and speed limit?
  • The call that makes everything you griped about today or this MONTH irrelevant and ridiculous?

Yesterday, I got that call. Actually — it was a text.

“Dad in an ambulance headed to ER, call Hal.”

First you freeze. Then you pray. Then you move into action. You’re looking a little nervous, so let me just tell you — he’s okay now. We are still having tests done this week and everything seems fine. (But if you pray, hey – I won’t be mad if you add Robert Owensby to your list 😉 But back to ‘the Call’ … While I was driving, I was evaluating my day’s appointments.

  • Cancel hair stylist (I’m declaring ombre hair is in for a few more days)
  • Have grocery clerk put my cart in the cooler and get spouse or teenager to rescue those later
  • Kids have to be picked up at 2:30 and 3 pm…think about that later
  • Work? Well, I work for me…so I’ve now given myself the day off.

And even in my panic as I drove, I had a HUGE wave of relief wash over me. I had a HUGE wave of gratitude that I COULD just drop everything and go. No explaining, No excuses, Nobody’s business but mine. In a flash of memories…I recalled hard business days, hard financial days, hard client days and blood, sweat and tears learning new things, failing and falling over and over again.

And when I got ‘the call’ – it was ALL worth it.

  • I’m not the most successful business person you know.
  • I’m not the best-dressed, most beautiful or most well-known.
  • I’m not rolling in assets or cash and I do not own one designer ANYTHING (shoes, bag, luggage, car – nada)

But I have created freedom to handle ‘the call.’ — And honestly — that is my biggest desire for you. I mean it. As I’ve spent my last few months on a mini-sabbatical of sorts (that is a topic for another day), I’ve been reevaluating my mission or purpose or even what I want for YOU.

  • I don’t care about millions. Really.
  • I don’t care about status.
  • I don’t care if I’m in the ‘cool kids’ club for marketers, social media, business or authors.
  • I don’t care what I drive, wear or drink.

I care about how you handle ‘the call!’

Man holding a telephone receiver Your call may not be about a parent. Your call might be:

  • About a child
  • About your health
  • About your job
  • About a world disaster that needs your expertise
  • About kids that need a home
  • About a massive repair your home needs
  • About your partner’s job loss
  • About ____________________

My goal is that you are equipped to handle this, with finances, with flexibility and the freedom to choose. Yesterday I didn’t have to worry if I ‘had a day to take’. I didn’t have to stress about lesson plans or making sure someone could cover for me. I didn’t have to wonder how I would cover my bills after being docked a day’s wage. I just didn’t. That isn’t bragging. That just is. It is 16 years of daily choices. 16 years of messing up and getting a few things right. I love to be positive. Focus on the GOOD.

But today…I want to challenge you to set your goals differently.

Visualize ‘the call’ — what do you have to change in your daily activity, your consistency, your skill set and/or your revenue to free yourself up a bit? Can you relate to any of this? Would you share below how this might shift your thinking or planning? Or maybe you’ve had ‘the call’ and navigated it well — share with me HOW that motivates you and some tips below. I’d really love to hear from YOU!

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3 thoughts on “Are you ready for THE call?

  1. Wow Carrie, what a moving post. I’m so pleased he is ok.

    I had a call like this in September; my mum to tell me she thought she was having a stroke. I dropped everything and went to her. She was having a stroke and had a second a few weeks later. She is still recovering and living a very different life – I’ve taken a lot of time away from work to care for her, and, like you, am eternally grateful that I was able to.

    I can’t imagine feeling that pull of deciding whether to go to her or stay at work to get paid to pay the bills. Knowing maybe one more late show or afternoon off would mean losing my job… that would be awful.


  2. I got the Call in Sept of 2013 – I didn’t think twice – we were on the road early in the morning, and I was able to hold my dear eldest son the night he passed into heaven. I cannot imagine NOT responding IMMEDIATELY to that Call. I am eternally blessed to know that he is where he wanted to be, no more pain, and the other grown children are now reunited after several years of NOT being close to one another. God provided that blessing in my darkest hours.

  3. First, big hugs and lots of love for you and your family.

    Second, this is so well said. None of that other stuff matters. Books are books, dollars are dollars, those aren’t the important parts of a business.