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December 6-7, 2013 in Dallas, Texas, is your opportunity to find out "live" and in person what the fuss is all about! High energy, fun learning, HUGE opportunities, once in a lifetime networking... it's all here!
  • Fun, High Energy Attendees
  • Relevant Speakers with PROVEN profitability
  • Interactive, Skill-Building Workshops
  • Food, Fun, Learning, Success!
  • Leave with a MAP - a PLAN - and the TOOLS you have been looking for

From the desk of Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive

Re: The BE4 event you DON'T to miss -  December 6-7 in Dallas, Texas
You may know me very well. You are familiar with what I do, where I've been, how I got to where I am. It's been a fun ride, reaching new heights and helping others do the same.
I've spent much of the last few years teaching people just like you how to do what I do as The Barefoot Executive...

I've been in the classroom, in corporate, in sales and now even online and TRUTHFULLY... the business principles and methods I've been teaching are applicable to businesses across the board. I work with hundreds of business owners globally in a very hands-on manner and thousands in a more 'mass' manner - and what you need to know is sales is sales, marketing is marketing, and smart business is smart business.

It doesn't matter if you're a fellow barefoot (work at home professional) a business on the side type, a consultant a CPA or a brick and mortar business owner...

What matters is sound, ethical business practices and online and offline growth strategies that will increase your balance sheet and help make the success you've always dreamed of accessible to you. Quickly.
So that's what I've spent my time doing. Teaching you how to work like me. In case you either don't or you've forgotten - let me run down a quick list of just a few of my qualifications...
  • Proud mom of four kids, ages 6-17
  • The Barefoot Executive- mentor/coach/trainer to over 100,000 men and women through seminars, handbooks, webinars, videos, live speaking etc.
  • Internet Marketer of the Year, 2009 (after 14 months online and on target for 7 figures)
  • Debt Survivor, Weight Loss Victor, Depression Overcomer - and normal person - just like YOU
  • Now - for those of you who question the first as a qualification, let me tell you something, that is most important. I couldn't do the rest if as well as I do if I failed at that... my family is the reason WHY I became 'Barefoot' - choosing HOME over 'away'
  • What's coming up on December 6-7 is a priceless opportunity.
Let me tell you why it's important...


3 Big Reasons You Need To Learn LIVE With Me


Do you know why churches, live sporting events, and yes, even seminars are so popular? Why billion dollar corporations have meetings of hundreds and thousands of people to review business plans and go through training? Excitement is infectious. Others can inspire you. Excite you. Prod you into action you might never take otherwise. You can learn (and SHOULD) from the stories and actions of others.


Everybody is different. You and I could have the same plan, same business model, same budget, same time line. We'd end up with a different result, ultimately a different business. Why? You're different than me. Not only can you feed off of the inspiration and energy of others, you can learn firsthand how to maximize your own potential by accessing others' best practices for their ideas. Learn the art of connecting the dots and practical application!


Networking is invaluable. I've helped thousands of people succeed in business, and many of them were twice, thrice, or even further removed from me personally. A friend of a friend of a client showed them a product, etc. I've formed partnerships, friendships, relationships, that have all helped to shape my business into what it is today. The first live event I attended has connected me with millions of dollars in business and some friends that honestly... I refuse to do LIFE without!

Sure, my system as The Barefoot Executive is centered around a work-at-home concept, but that doesn't mean that I'm a hermit. (I promise not to sing "PeopleWho Need People" to you... LOL!)

We need others. For ideas, for inspiration. We were not designed to be alone, and nor should we work alone. And Social Networking is not, it's not!

Coming to you on December 6-7, 2013, in Dallas, is the event you won't want to miss.

BE4 - The Event You
Can't Afford to Miss

Step Up to CEO and BE Your Own Boss!
carrie wilkerson

This live, two day event will be jam packed with dynamic sessions, interactive exercises (specifically for YOU), panels, prizes, fun, and all with one purpose!
To prepare you for more success than you're ever dreamed of! A plan & the tools to increase your income, decrease your overwhelm & connect you with like-minded folks globally

We'll spend our time focusing on 4 critical BEs of your successful business... (no matter what you do)

BE Online

BarefootGet More Customers
Barefoot Revive Dead Contact Lists
Barefoot Increase Engagement
Barefoot Build Community
Barefoot Effective Site Branding

BE Visible

Barefoot Instant Credibility
Barefoot Trust & Validity
Barefoot Expert Authority
Barefoot Transparency & Relationship

BE Found

Barefoot Searchability
Barefoot Publicity & Messaging
Barefoot Media Recognition
BarefootBrand Evangelists
Barefoot Niche Celebrity Status

BE Effective

Barefoot Automated Funnels
Barefoot Profit Adding Strategies
Barefoot Value-Based Delivery
Barefoot Pricing & Packaging

"Who Will Be With You?"

Who Will Be Here With You?? There is NO group like this audience. Period. They are passionate, connected, enthusiastic action-takers. They are connectors, and dare we say, almost family (good family, the side of the family everyone wants to hang out with.) The combined business experience in the room is unmatched, and every niche imaginable is represented. From sales to wellness, multi-media to Bible studies, marketing to makeup. If you can imagine it, someone is here promoting and working it! Speakers are accessible and REAL, no divas invited or tolerated!

BE Crowd
These are all folks I have learned from, studied with, I TRUST. They were handpicked to come speak/teach/work with you!
Don't come planning to "rest and relax" either. Come prepared to learn, listen, connect and be MOVED to take action.
Do any of these symptoms sound like you?
  • I feel overwhelmed in my business
  • I don't know who to trust
  • I don't have a real plan
  • I don't know others in the industry. No one "gets" me
  • I don't know where to begin
  • I really feel alone and disconnected
  • I know I have an amazing product/idea, but the world needs to know about it
  • I really just want to meet some amazing people to inspire me
  • I'm tired of low quality events and products that are just sell-a-thons for the next great 'easy button'
If any of these sound familiar, you need to be here and we need you here!

That's right, you don't just need us, WE NEED YOU, TOO!
You are a big part of what makes an event like this not only successful, but a conversation piece for years to come.

We need your energy to add to the mix! Your ideas, your own personal genius.

Take a look in your cupboard. You might find thyme, rosemary, sage. Salt, pepper, chili powder. Garlic, minced onions. Yes that cupboard.

Any one of these ingredients by themselves can seem not to have much purpose. Sure, some of them are tasty. Some of them succeed in adding to a food all by themselves, like garlic salt to bread.
Now look up on the top shelf at the recipe book you should take out more often. Inside you'll find the directions for how to make all kinds of goodies. Appetizers, main courses, soups, salads, desserts. All of it.

Guess what? You need those spices, the necessary ingredients, to make the meal all that it is supposed to be. Of course a dish can be good without one of the ingredients, but it's ultimately better, more successful as a dish with everything on the list.


What's my point? Not only do you need this event, but we need YOU! You are one of the spices that makes this weekend so, delicious,  for lack of a better word. Your unique experience, perspective, and vision can add to what I already know is going to be a great time. It will just be greater with you there!

Here are just a few details about how we're going to help you take your business or idea to the next level!
And that's just the start! This could truly be the one thing you do this year that takes your business, whether it's already working or just an idea in your mind, to the heights that you know deep down in your heart it can achieve.


These three bonuses expire at 1 pm, CST on November 19.

Bonus #1: Rule Your Results ($97 value)

rule your resultsYour ability to maximize your minutes means the difference between success and failure. Failure to control your time leads to overwhelm, confusion and quitting.

In this fast action bonus session you'll discover...
  • How to manage fix and flow time.
  • How to control the #1 productivity dictator that you're letting run wild right now.
  • The 3 step method that never fails for maximum achievement.
  • The best ways to handle internal and external criticism that causes paralysis.
  • How to finish what you start.
=> This is pre-event webinar ONLY for Fast Action Takers.

Bonus #2 Signature Sequence ($97 value)

Whether you are launching a product, blog or book there's a sequence you can use that will...signature
  • Create anticipation.
  • Load a list with the eager.
  • Make selling simple and non-icky.
In this special session you will learn...
  • The four sectors of a successful launch.
  • The three word formula that ensures more opt-ins.
  • How to build excitement and desire for your launch
  • The Signature 7 Day Sequence that you can take and duplicate.
=> This is pre-event webinar ONLY for Fast Action Takers. Use this to do a promotional launch BEFORE the event!

Bonus #3 The 4 Pillars of Profitability ($197 value)

This CD set is from Carrie's last live event. Pick up this box set when you come to Dallas! These 4 CDs are taken from trainings Carrie has ONLY done live in Seminar. From finances to promotion... these core trainings will be among those you listen to again and again!

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Hotel Details Released After Registration - Free Airport Shuttle from DFW, Free Parking, Free Breakfast & Free Internet

Only $197!


This Will Be an Unforgettable Weekend That Could Radically Shift Your Business


"As a newcomer to the world of online business, I was turned off by all the snake-oil salespeople and overwhelmed with all the products and promises. But when I heard Carrie speak, I knew she was the mentor for me. Her down-to-earth attitude, go-giver spirit, and positive energy had me hooked -- and it's contagious! If you're ready to take the world by storm, Carrie's your leader. But she's not for the faint of heart! If you're a bold action-taker, she's the mentor for you.
Lain Ehmann,
"If you don't want to drive your business forward and have no interest in achieving your goals, then working with Carrie is probably not for you. I have needed to amend my budget projections for the year upwards by a multiple of 3 due to the ideas that came out of each session with Carrie!"
Barry Chandler
"Light bulbs kept going off every time Carrie taught, AMAZING!!  My goal is to work with like minded individuals in joint ventures and I know sticking with Carrie will make that all possible. Thank You, Carrie for helping me realize my true potential. You are the BEST!!"

Daisy Sutherland
aka Dr. Mommy 

"Carrie has an amazing ability to teach, motivate and inspire massive action.  Being part of her community is great because everyone helps and encourages each other and spurs you on to get even more done. If you JUST want to 'learn' DO NOT join this group because with Carrie you will be taking massive action AND getting results."
Stacey Hylen
Business Optimization Coach
"I cannot say enough about the quality of people at Carrie's event. They are genuine, likable, have integrity and you don't feel like you need to go 'shower' to get the marketing slime off of you afterwards. Carrie is one of the 'good guys' - I like to say she's the 'real deal.'"
John Davis, Arborist Marketer

BE4 Ticket