Think Social Media is Too Complicated?


So, you need Social Media for your business growth…and

  • You want to embrace it, but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are overwhelmed with all the sites, strategies and ‘experts’ in this arena?
  • Are confused about the vocabulary, softwares and techniques you see & hear?
  • Wonder why some are getting great results and you just seem to be spinning your wheels?
  • You’re tired of investing hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on courses and summits that aren’t helping?
  • Are so busy working on your own business you don’t have time to figure this out?

This is where I come in.

I am NOT a social media expert. Far from it.

The truth is, I’m a business woman. An author. A speaker. A mom. A wife.

I was resistant to social media at first. After all, juggling multiple businesses, my kids, my marriage and trying to have a life as well – I sure didn’t need ONE more thing! (I’m sure you’ve felt like that too!)

But my results using social media have been nothing short of astounding. I don’t mean my ‘follow numbers.’

As a direct result of social media:

  • I was approached by a publisher and offered a book deal (no, it’s not about social media).
  • I have been booked on numerous radio shows.
  • Speaking requests have increased so that I turn down more offers than I accept.
  • My bottom line has increased by multiple six figures JUST because of social media contacts & credibility.
  • My list and lead generation continues to grow.
  • Producers from reality shows and news shows call me without me contacting them.
  • PLUS I have a great finger on the pulse of my friends, followers, audience and world-at-large so I can be responsive (not reactive!)

So back to the original issue…

You want to use social media, but don’t know how to make it work and don’t have the time to immerse yourself into hours and hours of learning!

I hear you! And that’s why I’m introducing (insert drum roll here)


The truth is – you don’t want to be an expert. You just want to use it expertly for rapid results.

You want to NOT be invisible online and you want to know how to make that happen without LIVING online.

So, I’m going to hold your hand through this process…


Every Week I’ll send you:

  • An immediately actionable, implementable social media strategy or tactic that is working
  • We will focus on a different area weekly: Numbers, Content, Monetization & Advanced Tactics
  • Email assignments that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW.
  • This might be a brief audio, a short video, screenshots or even written instructions

“I have a new name for you – Carrie “Right Now” Wilkerson.  Every time I talk to you, you ask me a question & then give me an idea I can use “Right Now” to make our business better “Right Now”!  Thank you for your support of me & the Ziglar team!” Tom Ziglar, CEO-Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

This will likely be the most user-friendly online learning you’ve ever had.

There is no long-term commitment. And there is no mortgage on your house or signature loan required.

$10 per month. No upsell. No catch. No long-term contract.

  • Automated billing every 30 days
  • Weekly delivery without you having to remember to ‘go log in’
  • Starts immediately, even if you enroll at 2 a.m.
  • Cancel anytime
  • Visa/MC/Disc/AmEx

But I don’t have time, Carrie…

I’ll be brutally honest. I personally don’t have time for hours and hours of more coaching and teaching either! My current clients keep me busy & lovin it! But this will be super simple to digest and simple to implement. If you have a question or concern or need some clarification – you can pop over to the Facebook Fan Page and ask there and I’m happy to answer!! (details will be in your weekly emails)

This will NOT be something you have to file away and ‘find time for’ later. I can promise you that. Set aside about 25 minutes each week to open the email, read it (or listen) and implement. Then move on with your amazing life!

“Carrie’s strategies are second to none! She doesn’t give you ideas, she gives you actions. These tactics are easy to implement & extremely effective. Thanks to her, I’ve added 4 new avenues to building my prospect list…each more effective than the next!” – John Morgan, Brand Against the Machine


Just $10 — that’s it…Really!

  • What if you get one new lead, what is that worth?
  • What if met someone influential in your industry that led to greater credibility? Can you put a price on that?
  • What if you sell one of your ______ because of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or ______?

We can agree that is likely to happen with ANY of the weekly lessons and you’ll get 4 (sometimes 5) per month!! Is that worth just $10?

Let’s streamline and simplify. Let’s focus on results and not busy-work for you!

I look forward to helping you Simplify! Register today!


P.S. Already great at social media? Perfect! You probably don’t need this! However, the last week of every month will focus on advanced stealth strategies and I’m even going to bring in some of my ‘expert’ friends for some mapping and off the radar tactics. You and I will BOTH learn!

P.S.S. Still not sure? Try it for a month. It’s $10 — I promise not to make sad faces at you or blacklist you in social media if you cancel ;)


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