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A sought after speaker, Carrie’s humor, real-life examples and tough love translates to every audience, gender, genre and generation. Her passion is in teaching others to ‘Fill their Stadium’ with fans so that marketing is easy and business is abundant!

Carrie Wilkerson is the voice of experience. From corporate life to teaching high school to direct sales, to information marketing and coaching she has ‘been there and done that’ professionally and personally. An ‘overnight mom’ to 2 toddlers through adoption, her priorities instantly changed and so did her workplace. She’s now built several businesses and coached others to do the same while overcoming extreme debt, losing 110 lbs and having 2 more children, for a total of 4, aging from toddler to teen!

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Currently a mentor/coach/adviser to over 100,000 men and women as the Barefoot Executive through videos, podcasts, masterminding, mentoring and live speaking. Not only a business expert, but an expert IN Business, Carrie’s methods have inspired thousands and has earned many awards, online and off.

Carrie has consulted with the Zig Ziglar Corporation, John C Maxwell, and Google. Her strategic focus and real world experience will provide the solutions your need to multiply your productivity and profits.

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Six Figure Entrepreneur aiming for 7 figures or less work hours or both?

There are four distinct revenue set points that all businesses face. Crossing the six figure line, $250,000, $500,000 and finally into seven figures . Carrie uses her trademarked system THE INFLUENCE INFRASTRUCTURE to move you from six to seven figures....

Work With Carrie
  • Message Are your marketing materials attracting your ideal clients? Are your team members connected to the core focus of your business? This assessment measures the strength of your message and tests the influence of your communication.
  • Marketing. Chances are high that your marketing is not as effective as you believe. Your marketing influences the market to choose you over everyone else in their sights.
  • Model. The flow of your business from first encounter to post sale follow-up influences your customer to stay and come to you time and time again.
  • Monetization Predictable, secure revenue influences your decisions, confidence and direction. Carrie helps you maximize your profit and strategically plan for the next stage.

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