Tired of being invisible,

undervalued and underpaid in your industry?

Increase your authority and attract your ideal clients


You’ve got the skills… but your competitors seem to get all the clients

You worry people judge whether you’re qualified because you don’t have a bestselling book or speak on stage

You’re weary of being a ‘best kept secret’ and want to start being seen and heard - without being sleazy

You feel invisible or undervalued in your industry

You’re overwhelmed with the endless cycle of creating and posting content

You’re tired of living on social media to stay top of mind

In the online world, reputation is everything


Rapid Reputation

Create authority and credibility in your industry, even if

you don’t have a New York Times bestseller or speak on stages

Rapid Reputation Mockup

You’re tired of living on social media to stay top of mind

Remove prospect’s natural skepticism with the most powerful form of social proof

Be naturally interested and interesting to others, rather than only speaking to people when you want something

Leverage other people’s audiences ethically to boost your own credibility & become known for your thing

Create up to 14 core pieces of non sales-y marketing content so you can attract more of your dream prospects (oh, and you can easily repurpose and reuse this content across all your social media channels!)

Over 20 years, I’ve cultivated fantastic relationships


“I followed you for years, Carrie, and I've always respected the fact that you practice what you teach. And I value your direct approach in coaching, and this program has already changed how I think about and feel about my business. And most importantly, it has helped me understand and articulate my value and the impact of my work on my audience. And that alone has been priceless.”

Julie Perrine

Founder All Things Admin


“I was having a difficult time raising my prices, and going through your course helped me tremendously. I was able to raise my price by 50%, giving me an eight times return on the investment I made with you.”

Armando Garcia

President, On Target Achievement

Use these strategies and watch as others have a near-instant perspective shift on you

 3 phases designed to help you attract your BEST clients (and repel the non-ideal clients) with authority and credibility-building

Interactive worksheets so you can work through the modules in real time.

2 Bonus Q&A session of my straight-talkin' advice 

Audio Access via a private podcast feed of all the content for pn-the-go learning reinforcement 

Access for the lifetime of the course...even if you have a conflict or are mid-program with something else right now... no sweat... this isn't disappearing!

 My Fully-Leveraged Business guarantee™ if you don’t see a difference in your business within 30 days, we’ll refund your order