It’s easy to get sucked up in automation and lose your human touch

Build long-term relationships, create raving customers, and increase revenue


Quitting clients and refunds

are inevitable…right?

Sure, they’re part of doing business. But fixing it usually means hyper-fixating on endless new sales (to plug up the money hole) or working 24/7 catering to every complaint, whine or squeaky wheel. Instead of being reactive, we can create glue that customers stick to.

The Sticky Client System™
shows you how to get clients to pay, stay and refer

(without tricky tech, expensive client acquisition or blurring personal boundaries)


Cut Down Sales Calls

Say goodbye to sales calls and dreaded proposals for your one-on-one clients. Get sticky and retain your current clients!


Improve Your Branding

Humans are tired of feeling like a QR code or transaction, your most powerful branding strategy might be your stickiness!


Ditch Paid Advertising

Lower your paid advertising costs for cold audiences and work with your current clients, again and again.




You’ll learn how to:

Stop clients from becoming quietly detached or disinterested, before it becomes impossible to win them over

Scale empathy with my treble-T framework, so you can treat your clients and customers as humans - not transactions

Build scaffolding around your memory, even if you’re the most forgetful person (yes, this is a low-tech strategy!)

Create touchpoints with clients, so they’ll never want to work with everyone else

Build a raving fan base of clients who will stay, pay and refer the heck out of your business

These students have turned their customers into raving fans.

The Sticky Client System™ shows you how to get clients to pay, stay and refer.


Carrie distills her secret sauce to building long-term relationships with clients in ways that you can start doing immediately! This is a terrific guide for those who want to keep their customers and clients and turn them into raving fans who can’t help but tell others about their great experiences. These tactics create customer stories that drive more sales, create more stories and even more sales!”

Lauren Teague,
Host Brand to Fan show

Using one tactic mentioned in the Sticky Client System, I reached out to a member of my group coaching program I hadn’t heard from in a while. She mentioned a problem one of my other online courses addressed, so I offered it to her and she purchased it within minutes! She was thrilled with it and referred a business colleague to me the next day.  Sticky Client System is a great short and actionable course. Thanks Carrie!”


Brooke Pettus, Lead Generation Educator

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I've put everything I know & do to keep clients for decades (yes, decades) in this faster-than-your-lunch-break product!

Pssstt….if this product helps you retain one extra client or customer, you’ve already made your investment back (and more!)

Grab the Sticky Client System™ for just $10!


Designed so you can watch the training videos and implement before you go to bed!

Grab my implementation tracker, so you (and your team) never miss a step

My favorite vendors to send surprises to leads, clients, or loved ones so you never have to scramble for a last-minute gift or card

Audio access via a private podcast feed for on-the-go learning and reinforcement

Access for the lifetime of the course... even if you have a conflict or are mid-program with something else right now... no sweat... this isn't disappearing!

My Fully-Leveraged Business guarantee™: if you don’t see a difference in your business within 30 days, we’ll refund your order


Hey, I’m Carrie!

I’m a best-selling author, international speaker and a sought-after media personality.

Featured on CNN and Fox Business News, in Success & Entrepreneur magazines and named by Forbes as a top small business influencer, I’ve consulted with Google and top other business thought leaders on growth strategies, productivity and current trends.

As a mom of 4, wife, and 20+ years working from home, I’ve learned #AllTheThings (sometimes the hard way!).

I don’t believe in hustling or cramming our to-do lists. Instead, I’ve curated my favorite tips and tricks inside The Rapid Replacement System™ to automate your business and streamline your processes — without overspending on staff.

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