When You Keep Your Word to Yourself, You Will Unlock Immeasurable Change in Your Life!

Carrie Wilkerson

Pedestals Are for Cakes, Not People. Be Careful Who You Position Up High.

Carrie Wilkerson

When Looking at Role Models Don't Be Star Struck, Be Soul Struck.

Carrie Wilkerson
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About Carrie

High-Performance Coach • Author • Speaker

If you put Brene Brown, Ellen Degeneres, and Dr. John C. Maxwell in a blender, what you'd come up with is me.

However, I'm also the one that 7 and 8-figure business owners call when they're stuck in the areas of capacity, leverage, and mastery.

I was one of the pioneers of the work-at-home industry and I've created a lifestyle-focused and online-based business for 21+ years (yes, before high-speed internet)!

We should talk if...

  • You have a high-impact event that you need a killer speaker for

  • You need an experienced consultant to maximize the opportunities in your coaching or training company

  • If you're a high-performance business owner that wants to optimize every area of your life with personal coaching

If you're looking for your silver bullet, magic wand, and secret weapon, let's talk.

There's Just No Need for Boring Speakers!

For high-impact messaging that feels more like entertainment with a truth-filled punch, Carrie can deliver on all fronts!


Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey
The Dave Ramsey Show

Carrie walks you through the process of developing your idea, finding your audience, and setting yourself up for a lifetime of success doing the work you love for the hardest boss you will ever have ⏤ yourself!"

john c maxwell

Dr. John C Maxwell
Author of More Than 70 Books

"Carrie is a tremendous speaker.

She connects with people.

She cares."


Zig Ziglar
America's Favorite Author

"I know that when Carrie advises Ziglar, Inc. on marketing ideas we get results!

You need a plan and tools to build with.

Carrie provides that!"

Tom Ziglar

Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson
CEO, Women for Hire

"If you're dreaming of building a business on your terms, then you'll absolutely love Carrie!"