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Tough Love
Real Talk

  • An award-winning author, international speaker, and sought-after television and radio guest. 

  • A business owner for 21+ years who is unafraid to speak the truth to audiences about what is between where they are and where they say they want to be.

  • A brass-tacks business speaker who delivers hard truths with unexpected humor, keeping your audience engaged. 

  • Carrie has led groups from 100 to 14,000 with tough-love humor, rock-solid content, and effortless style that brings you bottom-line results.

  • Your attendees will ask for her to stay longer and come back again!


See Carrie in Action

Bob Burg

Bob Burg
Author of The Go Giver

"Carrie makes a powerful connection with her audience from the stage! You feel like you're sitting with a trusted friend and mentor."

cindy monroe

Cindy Monroe
Founder of Thirty-One Gifts

"Not only is Carrie a dynamic, engaging and inspirational speaker. Her long term and ongoing support during a year of transition for the sales field was critical to our success. Carrie supported our executive team and sales leaders with strategy & action oriented results. I recommend Carrie for any company who is ready to roll up their sleeves and increase their impact."

Carrie Wilkerson and Lanny Hall

Dr. Lanny Hall
President Emeritus,
Hardin-Simmons University

"I have never seen anyone hold an audience in the palm of their hand the way Carrie did at our Convocation.

She delighted and inspired faculty, students and local dignitaries equally."

Pamela Waldrop Shaw

Pamela Waldrop Shaw
Global Sales Leader

"Carrie is a wordsmith, fast on her feet, can build a message out of a phrase, a song or a scripture, and a woman who doesn’t need notes to drive home a powerful word. I love to put her in front of my people."

Josh Wagner
Patient Mastery

"Carrie is an amazing keynote speaker. She adapted her message perfectly for my audience, stuck to time, confirmed all details before, and was super adaptable when she needed to hold a mic rather than be hands free as expected. The audience loved her energy, stories, humor and important message, and she would definitely be invited back again."


Shannah Albert
Solo Con Attendee

"Another great @WeAreSoloCon conference! So glad I hung out until the end. @CarrieWilkerson [fire emoji]"

Rod Santomassimo
The Massimo Group

"Carrie, is one of the most dynamic speakers we have booked in our 14 years of holding physical and virtual events. She quickly engages the audience and holds their attention throughout her presentation. Her presentation not only resonated with the audience, but her message was shared repeatedly after the conference on both social media and with our community. She is not a speaker that one will easily forget. I highly recommend Carrie to any company looking to motivate and illuminate their audience, inclusive of clients and employees."


Popular Keynote Topics

Educate. Entertain. Empower.

Make it Matter

Grit. Resilience. Fortitude.

Where do all these admirable characteristics come from and how do we get some for ourselves and our team?

Carrie drills down to finding your core gut-level propellant for making things happen and keeping them going...no matter what the current circumstances or past performance.

Status Quo Vs Status Gro

Is good enough good enough?
Is average what you're striving for?
Is maintenance what you and your organization are after?

If not... then this challenging talk for you and your leaders will help them see (and achieve) different levels of growth.

Move the Needle

Blame the extreme makeover shows and sudden transitions on Tik Tok and Insta.  We say we want transformation but no sooner is our goal out of our mouth than we somehow sabotage it.

Carrie's no-fail formula for stacking tiny tweaks can radically shift your personal and organizational results, without the fear and overwhelm of extreme measures.

Work/Life Balance & Other Fairy Tales

Work/life balance is a hot topic!

Is it even achievable?

Does it exist?

Carrie walks your audience through how to define their balance, refine their balance, and still keep goal-getting and achieving along the way!

Custom Talk.

Carrie is happy to discuss your particular needs and customize a topic for you and your audience!

She will connect with your audience in a conversational coaching style that will leave them talking about what is next for you and your organization!


Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey
The Dave Ramsey Show

"Carrie walks you through the process of developing your idea, finding your audience, and setting yourself up for a lifetime of success doing the work you love for the hardest boss you will ever have ⏤ yourself!"

john c maxwell

Dr. John C Maxwell
Author of More Than 70 Books

"Carrie is a tremendous speaker.

She connects with people.

She cares."


Zig Ziglar
America's Favorite Author

"I know that when Carrie advises Ziglar, Inc. on marketing ideas we get results!

You need a plan and tools to build with.

Carrie provides that!"

Tom Ziglar

Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson
CEO, Women for Hire

"If you're dreaming of building a business on your terms, then you'll absolutely love Carrie!"

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