Two Heads, Multiple Personalities or Three I’s?

Sometimes others look at us business owners or entrepreneurs as if we have two heads.

(Or is that just me?)

I know I’ve also been accused of having multiple personalities. You?

While I cannot confirm or deny my ever-changing inner self, my unusual physical attributes or yours…what I do know is this:

What every business owner, every entrepreneur has in common is three I’s.

These can take many shapes and forms, but I feel the most common three ‘I's we struggle with are:

  • Indecision
  • Insecurity
  • Inactivity



Are you frozen because you can’t make a decision, you’re afraid to make the wrong decision or you’re worried about what people think?

You cannot be indecisive. It’s a yes or no decision.

“Yes I’m going to make this work.”

Not, “I’m going to see if I can make this work.”

Yes, I’m going to play full out.

Not, “I will give this a try and see what happens.”

Yes…let's do this thing. Bring it!

I named my kids decisively. I chose my house decisively. I take a risk, I decide and I live with that decision. (Try it, you will like it!)


Are you insecure about what you’re doing? Maybe about your pricing? Your offer? Your target market? Your delivery?

Are you always asking everybody else’s opinion?

Are you always studying the next marketer, the next secret or the next whatever to make sure you’re doing it right? Guess what? That’s going to freeze you in a state of non-profitability. (Translation = broke!)

Be secure. Know your gifts. Know your strengths. Know HOW YOU ROCK! Don't question that or compare that.


“I’ll wait until later. I’m going to __________ now. I’m going to work on buzz, social media and traffic strategies for now.”

Some people have a default setting of “I’ll take significant action later.” Is that you?

Or maybe you're waiting ‘until‘ it is perfect. ‘Until‘ the kids are in school. ‘Until‘ your marriage is better. ‘Until‘ the economy recovers. ‘Until‘ you agree with the current administration. ‘Until‘ you get to your ideal weight….

Those are excuses…sorry, I mean ‘reasons' you are letting yourself slide with inactivity.

Stop it. I want you to change the lenses in those three I’s and instead I want you to be fueled by Ideas, Intention & Implementation!

You have to work intentionally. You have to set up your day, your schedule, your funding, your movement intentionally. Are you working intentionally in your business or are you intending to someday work your business?

So, I want you to go from idea to intentionality to implementation, start to finish. You’ve got to finish things.

Maybe you are really great at starting things, really great at working on the middle of things, but you stop just short of the yard line. Why is that? What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of getting into the end zone? Stop it. Go all the way to implementation, start to finish.

We all have three I’s as entrepreneurs, that’s okay, we’re going to get over it and we’re going to embrace that about ourselves. But, you can choose which set of I’s you’re using.

I know what I choose. How about you? Let me hear from you below!

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