Making Big Leaps in Your Life and Your Home Business


Not sure how to even improve just on this one statement!

I have never had periods of intense growth (or even steady growth) in my life, my fitness or my business without some scary first steps. Have you?

  • Get tired of being comfortable!
  • Get tired of status quo!
  • Get tired of fitting in!
  • Get tired of everyone else’s normal!

When my life REALLY changed was when I decided that I was more afraid NOT to try than I was to try and mess up.

THAT is what I want for you!

Personally…I am taking LOTS of leaps as we speak! They won’t always be visible to you, but you have to know that I’m in a state of DIScomfort and yet ENTHUSIASM every day lately!!

What ‘leap’ are you nervous about taking? How can I encourage you? Tell me below! I’m on YOUR side!