Never let leads or opportunities go cold again!

Increase Sales And Close More Deals - In An Hour Or Less

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Consistently follow-up with this fear-free framework

Introducing 7-Figure Follow-Up™

  • Leverage a simple 3-part framework to secure more contracts and opportunities consistently
  • Steal my one-sentence script and plug into your emails in seconds
  • Follow up without feeling scared or annoying
  • Hack a really bad memory and make sure you are the most thoughtful person in their world
  • Stay visible and intentional with your peers, leads, and even family members, so you can build stronger relationships

Who is this for?

  • Established coaches, course creators and service businesses that worry opportunities slip away because you let them go cold
  • Business owners that want to build better relationships more consistently
  • People like you who deal with follow-up shame and want a polite way to land in inboxes

Who is this not for?

  • People who already have a follow-up process
  • Business owners who hate straight-talkin’ advice
  • If your business is primarily through a 3rd party marketplace like TPT, Amazon, Etsy etc and you don't have the customer list or touch points accessible, this probably won't help you

Each year, I can attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to my 7-Figure Follow-up™ framework…

How much money are you losing by not following up
with leads, decision-makers and opportunities?

The 7-Figure Follow-up™ system isn’t perfected or polished, but it’s profitable

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5 modules of strategic videos, tutorials and resources so you can build your follow-up system

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Short, actionable videos so you don’t get buried in hours of fluff and filler!

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My favorite vendors to send surprises to leads, clients, or loved ones so you never have to scramble for a last-minute gift or card


Audio Access via a private podcast feed of all the content included for on-the-go learning and reinforcement


Access for the lifetime of the course... even if you have a conflict or are mid-program with something else right now... no sweat... this isn't disappearing!

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My Fully-Leveraged Business guarantee™: if you don’t see a difference in your business within 30 days, we’ll refund your order

Astonish your peers and clients with your incredible 'memory'


“I was blown away by the fact that you remembered my daughter’s upcoming wedding with a card in the mail and a voice message the weekend she got married.”

Heather Stephens
Wise Owl Marketing

Why listen to me?

I’m a best-selling author, international speaker and a sought-after media personality.

Featured on CNN and Fox Business News, in Success & Entrepreneur magazines and named by Forbes as a top small business influencer, I’ve consulted with Google and top other business thought leaders on growth strategies, productivity and current trends.

Each year, I can attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to my 7-Figure Follow-up™ framework. Since making it a weekly priority, it’s been my secret sauce to building relationships, looking thoughtful and never forgetting important dates.

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