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Whether you want to focus on tactical & practical growth 
strategies (Move the Needle),  finding your drive & motivation
(Make it Matter) or on Leadership & Impact (Change the Room) ---
I've got you! 
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Tactical Strategies

Move the Needle

Transformation is what we say we want... but big changes can be overwhelming and scary!
I coach my clients to 'tweak it' -- what are the tiny things we can shift that add up overall?
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Know you need a pricing increase? Here are some clues that it is time.

Progress amnesia is REAL. How to shift your perspective so you can keep going.

Don't overthink or overplan...listen in for some practical coaching.

Tried & true... typically my first coaching for struggling or starting owners.


Make it Matter


If money was motivating... we'd all be rich.  If 'wanting' it was enough, we'd all have the body we want.  The truth is - you have to know why you're doing what you're doing...otherwise you won't do it. (Especially when it gets tricky, frustrating or slow-going.)

Stop apologizing for what you want.  Let's go.

Turning your excuses why you cannot into reasons why you MUST.

Is motivation natural? Does it last? Will mine work for you? This answer usually surprises the asker.


Change the Room

The lofty goal is to change the world... but first we have to change our mind, and then lead ourselves and then we can start with the room we are in. Leadership starts with you.

Work/Life Balance and other fairy tales... 

If leading well is your goal, then you have to embrace this first...

Chatting with Dave Ramsey's team about leading in business & beyond


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