Are you working on projects (or with clients) you secretly resent?
Battling procrastination? Struggling with a bloated schedule? 

It’s Probably Time To Change Your Pricing!

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You may feel nervous about raising your rates…

‘What if I scare off potential clients?’

Clients, like our business, have a lifespan. Some stay for one project, others for a lifetime.


When you increase your pricing, you're not 'losing' clients, you're making room for the people who most resonate with your service.


But right now, you:

  • Manage demanding customers who lose sleep over a few dollars
  • Juggle too many projects, so tasks slip through the cracks
  • Feel overworked and exhausted All. The. Time.
  • Work on projects you secretly hate (and feel resentful everytime you see 'that' client’s name in your inbox!)
  • Struggle to hit your revenue goals, even though you’re working day and night
  • Or maybe your project list is so full that you procrastinate (yet your house has never looked cleaner!)

Say goodbye to the low revenue cap and the dreaded hourly trap

Charge higher rates confidently & unapologetically

  • Free up creative bandwidth to create digital products, speak on stages or write that book
  • Work with a small, intentional handful of delightful & action-taking clients
  • Find better fit clients who appreciate you and never want to let you go!
  • Sell the value of your solution, even if your competitors are charging by the hour
  • Feel fulfilled and excited about work (no more Sunday night scaries!)
  • Break through the revenue ceiling you’ve been bumping your head on!
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I’ve helped countless clients increase their rates (& close the sale!)

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"I just signed my first Premium price coaching client!... We are drinking champagne and then going out to dinner to celebrate. She pick[ed] the $10k package!"

Joanne Mitchell

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"I just keep closing sales. It's insane. Leads are coming in, my ASKs are converting at a 67% rate. It's surreal. I already raised my prices. I think I need to raise them again!"

Melanie D.

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"Carrie! Every time I connect with you, a fire is lit - you know where. I am ready to feel the burn!"

Bruce Ammons

Let's Install Your Premium Pricing Engine™

  • Change your language so they know you're talking to THEM!
  • Accurately pinpoint the value of the results you deliver (and not some random hourly rate)
  • Effectively communicate the value of what your offer is & does
  • Stack the benefits into an irresistible pile
  • Stop negotiating or apologizing for price
  • Ditch desperation and chasing prospects

Who is this for?


Established coaches, course creators and service businesses that are ready to level up their pricing, delivered value and client quality

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Speakers that are tired of speaking for 'free' or constantly negotiating their fees and 'worth'

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People like you who are ready to have more profit, energy and time margin so you can serve your clients in a world-class way with a killer team to help carry the load

Who is this not for?


Strugglers who are unable to commit 3-4 hours over the course of the program to set up their Pricing Engine™


Owners who have never invested in a premium offer and therefore don't believe there is a market for that (or feel guilty for charging to begin with)


If your price point is 'set' by someone else like a parent company or industry - this is not for you.

How much money would ONE premium client a month add to your bottom line?

 The Premium Pricing Engine™ walks you through 3 simple, proven shifts to bring in higher quality clients and cashflow. Say goodbye to struggle & scraping by!


Access for the lifetime of the course... even if you have a conflict or are mid-program with something else right now... no sweat... this isn't disappearing!


On demand modules of strategic & actionable videos and tutorials so you can start charging (& showing clients) the worth of your offer.


Workbooks for every step so you can take action immediately as you go through the program


Audio Access via a private podcast feed of all the content included for on-the-go learning and reinforcement


My Fully-Leveraged Business guarantee™: if you don’t see a difference within 30 days of  taking action, I will jump on the phone with you to help you get results.

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Why listen to me?

I’m a best-selling author, international speaker and a sought-after media personality.

Featured on CNN and Fox Business News, in Success & Entrepreneur magazines and named by Forbes as a top small business influencer, I’ve consulted with Google and top other business thought leaders on growth strategies, productivity and current trends.

With each of my 4 kids, I've taken off their pre-K year AND their senior year without taking a pay cut... how??

Because of the Premium Pricing Engine™

I want that for you too!

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