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These action-takers took the beta version of the Audience Engine™ and recreated/created their lead magnet based on coaching and feedback in the course!

I wanted to share them and their good work with YOU!

If you are their target audience or know someone that is - please share this with them!

You can share this page with them or the lead magnet page individually!

Joan Turley

Salon & Spa Made Simple

FREE GUIDE "6 Strategies To Overcome Profitability Pitfalls"

Unlock the potential of your salon and spa business with these invaluable resources curated to inspire hope, instill proven strategies, and impart timeless wisdom.

Inside, you'll find a comprehensive toolkit covering everything from innovative marketing tactics to strategic management approaches.

Rachel Extance

12 article ideas to begin your new business blog

Get your business blog started with 12 prompts that will help you share who you are, what you do, and how it helps your ideal clients.

Shelley Webb

Meaningful Midlife

Starting Over After 50 Guide

In this guide, you will learn the first steps to take to create a life that brings you joy and purpose in your second chapter.

Dr. Sheila Cornea

Unlocking Time Freedom: The Ultimate Success Systems Checklist for Busy Ministry Leaders

The Ultimate Checklist for Busy Ministry Leaders offers a checklist and implementation plan for six key areas of success for more fruitful and fulfilling ministry leadership.

Lori Pruett

On Track Solutions

5 Strategies to Guide Your Graduate From Confusion to Confidence

This infographic is designed specifically for parents with 5 key things they can do to help their graduates through the maze of possibilities. Each strategy is stand-alone, but when combined, they are more effective in helping students skip the guesswork and confidently make solid plans for what is next.

Jessica Erwin

Turn Your Clicks Into Clients

Your expertise can transform lives, but first, it needs to be seen. Enter "5 Steps to Get Started with SEO"  – a quick and simple guide designed to get your website working for you 24/7.

Get the simple steps that you need to take to become more visible online. It is time to enhance your visibility with a sustainable, growth-driven approach.

Embrace this opportunity to turn your website from a digital brochure into a client magnet.

Meg Rector

Never go on a dud date again!

Are you ready to revolutionize your dating life?  You are on the apps, swipe swipe swiping. You go on good dates, and you go on dud dates but can’t seem to figure out what differentiates the goods from the duds!

You wonder whether your “picker” is broken or if God has forgotten about you…

What if I told you that you never have to go on a dud date again?! These 3 Powerful Prayers are the secret sauce your dating life has been missing, the key to take the pressure off the whole experience and have some FUN!