General Terms for Products, Programs & Personal Mentoring with Fully Leveraged Business™ and Carrie Wilkerson


Our goal at FLB and is to fully serve you so that you get amazing results in a compressed period of time based on our learned experiences and shared information.

In most cases, each program/product has a refund/guarantee (or lack thereof) implicitly stated on the individual product enrollment page. That is what we defer to first.

In the absence of a product-specific policy, our default policies are as follows:

With courses, programs and products that we have created, if you implement them in your business within 30 days according to advisement and don't get results as you'd hoped... please reach out to our team and we will:

1. Review those with you so that we can see what might be missing/wrong/improved upon. We want this to be great for you!

2. Make some suggestions/tweaks or modifiers for better results for you and your business! We will likely even reset the refund period for you after our suggestions & coaching!

3. If after you implement the initial program AND the suggestions/modifiers you still are not seeing results... we will refund you for your product/program at the price reflected on your receipt, minus any hard costs for printing, shipping or related things, when applicable.

We will work with you through your contract period and advise you fully and thoroughly based on the information you provide and the effort you expend.

We cannot be responsible for you not engaging in the process or providing incomplete information.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the results from implemented advice...obviously we'd love to work with you to make it right. Business is a laboratory and we are always testing & tweaking and learning.  The fact is, we learn more quickly together and from each others' shared experiences.

If you get busy, have a crisis, freeze up or want to delay your program... this is considered on a case-by-case basis. This is OFTEN when you need to push through the most and as a coach, I can sometimes see what you cannot.

✓There are no coaching refunds.

✓There are no indefinite 'holds' for when you decide to start again.

✓There are no guarantees of dollar results or growth metrics.

✓Your mentoring/coaching contract is like your house payment, car payment or loan from the bank. It's a contract.

We will fulfill our end (and usually OVER-deliver.)

As business owners, we expect that you also do not enter contracts lightly and will fulfill yours.

While we are very careful about what we recommend to you in the form of tools, programs, resources and other businesses... we do encourage you to do your due diligence before purchasing.

We are simply a referral source and cannot provide tech help, customer service or refunds for programs that we do not have direct control or ownership of.

However, if you find yourself unhappy with something that we've recommended and you cannot get a response or resolution from the primary company, please make sure and let our team know so can make a call, send an email or reach out on your behalf.