Why do you want to build or grow your business?

Today I want to talk to you about something that you might think is not very core business principal and I have to disagree, respectfully, but I’ll still disagree.

We know that cows eat grass, we know that our body needs food to function, and we know that our vehicle that we drive needs gasoline, but what I want to know is what does your business need? More importantly, what do you need as a business person to keep going in your business?

What fuels you?

I think the answer is your ‘why,' your reason, your purpose.

Here’s a hint: It’s never about the money. It’s never about the status or the fame or the notoriety, whatever the case may be.

What fuels you? What changes will that money bring about? What projects are you passionate about that you can fund? What cause has you doing what you’re doing?

When I started my business my “why” was to be home with the two beautiful children I had just adopted. That was more powerful than any paycheck or any purpose or any passion that I could have pinpointed at that time in my life.

It has since evolved. My children are a little older now and now I am really passionate and fueled by the cause of parentless children through adoption and through orphanages, so I love to work and to generate income so that I can effect change in causes that I’m excited about and enthusiastic about.

I like to help my parents with projects and to know that they have choices as they get older. I like to know that my children can have enrichment experiences and educational experiences and travel the world to expand their horizons. That is more powerful to me than any paycheck.

But, we all live in ‘reality.' We need money to function, we need it to survive.

My point today is this. We don’t get really excited about money, but what change does that money bring about, what choice does that money allow you to have.

I know that even when things are hard, frustrating, heart-breaking and even disappointing…these WHYs keep me going regardless.

I wholeheartedly BELIEVE that when you’re clear on your ‘why,' on what fuels you, that there is no obstacle that will slow you down for very long when you are passionate about your purpose.

What is your ‘why?' I'd love to know below!

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