Show up to go up in your business

Are you showing up on a consistent & committed basis in your business efforts?

I love to have your input on this below…and please share with your social networks, if you see fit ;)

I made a date to go skydiving with a handful of my closest friends and mastermind members. We piled into the van early in the morning, we paid our deposits, we drove about an hour to get there, about an hour to get there.

We got in there and filled out our paperwork and that’s when I noticed that everybody started to change a little. Some got more quiet, some got real chatty, some just got really excited and wired and we were ready.


Well, the weather was kind of iffy that day. The clouds kept rolling in and rolling out, we kept having to wait for a break in the clouds, and that’s a whole other post as far as how that is a parallel to life.

We met our instructors and this was a tandem jump, which meant I wasn’t jumping by myself, I was strapped to a very experienced instructor for safety. So, we went and picked out our jumpsuits and we got all strapped into our gear and harnessed up and had our little safety lesson.

We suited up and then we walked out to the plane. We walked to plane and it was like a scene from the Right Stuff. The music in my head, there with my buddies and we’re about to get on the plane, Paul and Perry and I…ready – fearless (almost) – and committed!

Then a thunder cloud rolls in and the pronouncement, “Guys, it’s not going to clear up. We’re cancelling all jumps today.” (We were walking TO the plane!!!! aghhhh)

Later we were discussing it and my realization and comment was this, “The fact of the matter is we did the hard part.”

The hard part was showing up. Showing up and making the commitment to do it was the hard part. Is that like business for you? …Making the decision to show up.

But then we even went a step further and we suited up. We put on the gear, we learned the skills, we got set and we were ready.

Then the third step was we steeled up, we pulled everything within us together. Some of us increased our life insurance policies, some of us write notes to our loved ones, shot videos so they would know what was on our minds, but we steeled up, we were walking to the plane and we were committed at that point.

That’s what I ask from my coaching clients, from my mastermind members, and from my peers and associates that SAY want to play a bigger game. I say, “First, you have to commit to me that you’re going to show up.”

‘Second, you need to commit to me you’re going to suit up, you’re going to come ready to play. You’re going  You’re going to have the skills, you’re going to have the mindset, you’re going to be ready.”

Then you need to steel up. You need to draw from everything that in within you. You need to be ready to take a fall, ready to take hit, ready to have some disappointments, ready to not have perfect action, but to get it done.

So, I’m going to ask you today; Are you showing up? Are you really showing up?

Are you suiting up? Are you coming prepared? Do you have on your safety gear, do you have on your equipment, do you have on the jumpsuit, do you have on the mindset?

Do you have the skills and are you steeled up? Are you ready to make that commitment to walk to the plane?

So, remember that, write that down somewhere and let me know what you think.

Show up, suit up, and steel up and you will be shocked at your results.

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