You don’t have to be fearless to be successful in business

My dear friend Jenny sent me this card recently. She said it was OBVIOUS that this card was meant for me.

  • Clearly, I love to be barefoot.
  • Yes, I live in a place that looks very much like the background.
  • But, Fearless? She was just plain wrong.

The truth is…I’m not fearless.

I’m reaching outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis.

I am just functioning even when I am afraid.

“But Carrie, you speak on big stages, you have an online TV channel, you have a huge social media audience, you have written a book, etc”

That doesn’t mean I’m not scared. I am. Daily.

But I’ve decided, “a chick has to learn to stretch beyond her comfort zone or she’s forever stuck in her egg.”

I decided that the egg was limiting. It was dark. And while it did serve a purpose for my growth at one point…the time comes to step out, embrace the light and stretch your muscles into a really great place.

So, while I love that my friend recognized my ‘brand’ and my footwear in this shot….while I’m really flattered that she thinks I’m brave, the truth is — I am afraid of big steps, new moves and choices daily.

I have just become really comfortable being UNcomfortable.

You can be scared and broke. Or afraid and well-paid.  Which do you choose?

I’d love to hear some of the things that scare you or make you uncomfortable in your business below.

Be honest. Be open. Be interactive. Let’s talk.