What is in your lunch box?

Years ago when I was new in business, I was told this story by a friend, mentor and eventual client, Rena Tarbet, a businesswoman who has built a multi-million dollar business and mentored thousands of women to work for themselves as well.

Rena is a pretty tough lady and she has been successfully fighting and beating cancer for probably 30 years now. Here is what she said…

There were two construction workers that were taking their lunch break one day at the top of the scaffolding.

Bert opened up his lunch pail and he says, “Man, peanut butter and jelly again. 25 years and it’s the same lunch every day, peanut butter and jelly. You’d think one day I could have something different. Ham and cheese would be nice.”

He ranted and ranted about his lunch. His buddy Fred said, “Well, why don’t you tell your wife that you’d like something different? Tell her you’d like something different tomorrow.”

To which Bert replied, “My wife, are you kidding me? She doesn’t pack my lunch, I pack my own lunch.”

So, he’s packing his own peanut butter and jelly every day and dissatisfied with it. He keeps opening up his lunchbox expecting to find roast beef, or turkey, or ham, or something different, and the truth is (and Rena’s point when she told us that story) that you put a certain type of effort into your life and into your business and your results are directly correlated to those efforts.

If you’re putting peanut butter and jelly in your lunchbox, that’s what you’re going to get.

If you’re putting inconsistent spotty half-hearted-maybe-this-might-work effort into your business… that’s the kind of results you’re going to get.

If you’re a zoom-eeker, meaning you go whole hog for your business and then you slam the brakes on while you question & you self-doubt and all those things and then you zoom again right before you slam on the brakes…you’re never going to have the results that you want. (You're just going to be unhappy with all the peanut-butter-dissatisfaction stuck constantly in the roof of your mouth.)

I challenge you to make a different lunch. I DARE you to be consistent with quality effort.

Know that just like my mom always said, “Garbage in, garbage out,” quality in, quality out, consistency in, consistency out.

YOU are the one packing…what's in your lunch box?

Let's talk about it below!

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