You must think like a STAR in your business

Meet Catie. She's 7 and I call her Broadway Barefoot when I'm writing about her online.

She's a star. She sings. She dances. She acts. Quite frankly, she SHINES. Her entire world is a stage and she revels in it. She doesn't just ‘play' with her friends…she is always ‘producing.'

Last night we went to Casa Manana in Fort Worth to watch her in ‘Sounds of the 60's.' She had a solo (again) and performed without one single ounce of anxiety in front of about 750 people. She has been singing solos onstage in front of 400+ crowds since she was 3. Yep – 3. Crazy, I know. (I cannot deny – she comes by that genetically & environmentally.)

My 13 yr old daughter is also a star. She is an artist, a flutist and a vocalist. But she prefers her stage time to be in ensembles. She competes musically & artistically on a state level.

My youngest is another star. Her performances come in the form of acrobatics, trampoline, anything with a ball and climbing. She's 3, no awards yet ;)

And while I love seeing them all shine…I can't help but think that we are all STARS, especially in business.

I already hear you saying this, “But Carrie, I don't want to be well-known like you. I'm not cut out for all that attention.”

Well – being a STAR doesn't mean you are a celebrity. It doesn't mean you are a household name and it doesn't mean you are untouchable. Being a STAR simply means you SHINE at what you do. Let me break it down for you like I did for Tory Johnson's Spark & Hustle Crowd recently.

S ~ Serve & Solve: How can you serve others? How are you solving their problems? Don't get hung up on the sales, get hung up on Serving & Solving & the Sales will come!

T ~ Target Audience: Who is your real core market? Who are you serving? (Hint: the answer cannot be ‘anyone') You have to know who you are passionate about ‘solving' for (see above) before you can be effective.

A ~ Attitude Adjustment: Why do you want to serve your target? What is your motive? How do you feel about them? Are you simply dollar-sign-driven? If so, your market will see that. Adjust your attitude. Are you driven to help them? They will see that too.

R ~ Repeat: You know what the shampoo bottle says, right? Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Simple. When you are clear that you are serving & solving for, when you are crystal on who your target audience is and when you have the right attitude…much like the stars in the sky, your audience will look up to you. You will shine. You will be their provider of choice (no matter what your market is).

I want to challenge you to SHINE in your business. It's not about attention. It's about being a STAR to those looking up at you!

Let's talk – what are some thoughts you have about this today?


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