I Dare You to Give More Away


“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” Tony Robbins

Now, I’ll usually be the first to tell you that you need to value what you do and what you bring to the community. I agree with the expertise that you offer, and encourage you that you are worth charging for. Yes, yes, and yes. You know I believe that, it’s in my book, it’s in almost every course I teach.

However, I believe the way that Baskin Robbins, Costco and so many others get you to fall in love with their product and be comfortable with them to the point of purchase is through sampling.

Sometimes – there is a case to be made for giving away your best stuff. (Gasp)

Baskin Robbins does not keep a special carton of sub-standard ice cream under the counter for sample seekers, they serve you the premium stuff. Why? Because they want you to like what you taste and then buy more!

Recently, I received a lovely package of handmade fresh truffles from England as a gift. Sarah at Chocadores sent me a lovely sampler box. She knows I travel there. She knows I do business there and she also knows I blog (smart lady.) But still – why would she risk the cost, the shipping, the trouble of giving away some of her best stuff? You tell me!

Incidentally, they were phenomenal. I'm a chocolate lover and I was head-over-heels for these! I've tweeted about them and you can be sure when I need gifts in England and even for business meetings there, I'm going to let Sarah know! The lemon and raspberry were my favorite. The ale was the family's least favorite – so we'll just stick with the fruity ones – YUM! It took me almost a month to get through the box because I was so STINGY with them! (And I was really surprised at how beautifully they shipped all the way to Texas!)

A personal example was my recent teaching about making sure you have endless prospects, leads and potential clients – I call this ‘Fill Your Stadium' and have trained thousands of people free with an audio and downloadable handout. Why? In hopes that we could build trust and a relationship so that when they were needing a trainer or coach like me, it would be an easy decision.

So, then when I offer free things for a name and an email address, free articles, free audios, or reports, or ebooks, or whatever it is that I choose in my business, maybe it’s samples, or consultations, or strategy sessions, or treatments, why would I offer less than my best?

The truth of the matter is we get a little scarcity minded and we say, “If I give them my best then they won’t need what I’m selling, they won’t have any need to give me their money.” The truth is if you give them your best they learn to know you, to like you, to trust you, then to pay you.

So, when I teach a free class, when I do a webinar and I open it to the public, when I write an article, when I do a podcast or shoot my TV episodes, I pour my guts out. I don’t hold anything back. You may think that’s not wise, but I have a great income and lifestyle that says differently. Plus, my audience trusts me.

I mean it. Don’t hold back. It makes your audience cynical and skeptical. Teach them what they want to know. Don’t hold secrets, don’t keep the veil on. Don’t say, “Oh and WHEN you buy then I’ll show you the real stuff.” What kind of trust is that building?

Yes, there will be people that take advantage. Yes, there will be people that sample your stuff and can figure it out from there. Great! Look at the people you’ve served, awesome. Has that taken anything away from you? Has your business gone backwards because of that? I don’t think so.

So, I challenge you today to give away some of your best stuff! A candle never became ‘less lit' by sharing it's light with another candle.

What are your thoughts?



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