Are you waiting for things to be perfect?

Progress and Perfection are not the same thing. There is not one thing in my life that I do to perfection.

  • I love to sing, but I’m not a perfect singer.
  • I love to dance with my kids, but I’m not a perfect dancer. (this I don't even do in public ;)
  • I'm not a gourmet chef, but I manage to keep my family fed.
  • I’m for sure not a perfect wife, a perfect parent or a perfect daughter. (I AM an awesome sister, but my brothers assure me I'm not perfect)

Guess what? I do those things anyway and I'm still effective!

Can you focus on being profitable and not perfect?

I’m not perfect in my business. My products and my courses, my videos, and my speeches are not perfect, but they’re getting out there and they’re getting done and they’re profitable.

Now, I don’t mean that you can do things half way. You do need to be polishing your skills and working on your craft and honing what you do.

There has to be a balance in ‘perfecting' & producing!

I wouldn’t be very effective if I didn’t get better and better every time. (I'm a much better mom with #4 than I was with #1 and I'm a much better teacher than my very first class)

I do want you to focus on earning while you’re learning and I want you to never stop learning. But, don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. I don’t want you to say, “Until I figure it all out I can’t do anything. Until I know exactly what I’m doing with steps C, D, and E I can’t do A and B.”

That will just keep you frustrated AND broke! What do YOU think? Been there? Done that?

Find yourself crippling productivity by ‘figuring it all out' first?

P.S. If you are interested in hanging with a group that is learning WHILE they're earning, Paul Evans & I lead a popular DIY Workshop series. You might want to check it out ;)



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