Are we there yet?

Did you ever ask your parents that when you were a kid?

Do YOUR kids ask this when you are driving?

Worse yet…have you had to pretend to know where you were going when you had no idea, were confused and didn't want to admit it?

  • Eventually we give in, ask directions and hit the road again.
  • Then we ask someone else and get conflicting information.
  • And then we ask again until we're quite certain that there are either: 10 different routes, the place doesn't exist at all, or these people are all just taking advantage of the fact that we are lost.

Sound familiar?

Wait…are we still talking about trips or are we talking about our business direction?


A few truths I know:

  1. There are often multiple paths, but you cannot take them all at once
  2. Listening to too many different ‘opinions' and voices about your ‘direction' will keep you spinning in circles
  3. Even if you have ‘GPS' – you must plug ONE destination in before it can help you calculate your rout.
  4. A map drawn by someone who has been there can be priceless

These are a few of the principles that led me to create the Radical Results Road Map. I am on a Radical Results Road Trip because business owners (like you) are frustrated with too many voices in their head, no clear direction and traveling in circles.

I am really excited about these materials and the changes I'm already seeing in clients!! Have YOU ever felt like ‘if I just had a plan…' — if I just had a guide…. if I just had a MAP, I could do this??

I'd love to meet YOU on the Radical Results Road Trip — still spots available in Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville and Dallas!

This is the most affordable workshop I've ever done – I'm even FEEDING you there ;) Plus, get a poster sized version of your map to use over and over again in your business!

I'm road-tripping here in London first…but I'll see YOU on one of the next stops!

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