Are you frustrated by a lack of focus?

Today is all about the Focus Factor!

Hocus Pocus! The Magic is in the Focus!

I do not have the Midas Touch. I do not live on Easy Street. I am not just gifted with secret gifts that make my business grow.

I have harnessed the power of FOCUS.

Watch this brief video on the ‘curse of the Entrepreneur' and then I'll share a few tips on ‘upping' your Focus Factor!

Ok…so you're not alone, right? We all struggle with that!

So, how do we buckle down and get it done?

  1. Deadlines (the greatest invention EVER) – set a deadline, be accountable to it – state it publicly if you must. Deadlines WORK.
  2. Work from a short list. The reason you are distracted is because your ‘to-do' list looks like the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Golden Corral. Focus on 3 critical things that will bring you closer to your goal or closer to money. Focus on those FIRST. When you're done…worried about the ‘rest' of the ‘extra stuff.'
  3. Reward yourself. Seems elementary – but hey – this is how we train our kids, our pets and maybe even our spouses (shhh). Make a deal with yourself, ‘When item #1 on my list is done – I'm going to listen to my favorite 15 minute podcast or surf 2 blogs or play angry birds for a few minutes! (set the timer). Whatever it is that motivates you – reward yourself. It works. I promise.

This isn't brain surgery — but come to think of it – – aren't we glad the surgeon is focused while he has our skull cracked open?? I would hate to think he took the same approach to that operation as we do to our business systems sometimes… ponder THAT 😉

How do you think a new approach to the Focus Factor will help you in your business efforts? What are some tips YOU'd like to share? Let us know below!

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