You are right, it will never work

I work with folks who want to grow their business, supposedly.

However, it seems that I spend alot of my time talking them out of exceptions.

They want to know every condition, every guarantee, every ‘what-might'happen-if?'

  • Carrie, if I were in YOUR market, that would work for me.
  • If I were married to YOUR husband, that would work.
  • If I weren't in debt, that would work.
  • If I didn't have kids…
  • If I didn't have a job…
  • If…..
  • But – will it work if _______?
  • And will it work if ________?
  • And how about if ________?

I give up. You're right. It will never work…if you are waiting for everything to be ideal and perfect and guaranteed…

Call me unreasonable (thank you) but I focus on why things CAN work and SHOULD work, not all the ‘what might happen if XYZ occurs.'

  • Yes, all markets are different.
  • Yes, your life is different than mine.
  • Yes, you are a different size, shape, weight, race, gender, age, bank account size, height, degree, experience, etc than me.
  • Yes, there are ‘what ifs' – but to let that freeze you from moving forward is nonsense.

Do Something!

  • If we waited to get married until we knew absolutely 110% how to avoid every bump, problem and obstacle…we would never marry.
  • If we waited to have children until we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were amazing parents and would never mess up…we'd still be waiting.
  • If we waited to make plans until we knew that 100% of our guest list would show, 100% of the waitstaff would be stellar and 100% of the music would be our fave…we'd never get out of the house to have fun with our friends.

I guess my point today is, you're going to make some mistakes. You're going to screw up. Other people will disappoint you. There will be recessions. You will get mad at software, the clock, mother nature and your family. It happens.

It is called LIFE.

So let's approach our business building with preparedness (YES) but let's not put it off until we're assured we will NOT fail. (That's just nuts)

If we approached partnerships, parenting and partying with the same analysis paralysis as we do starting & growing our business…what a crazy STALLED place we'd all be in.

Today I want you to focus on why it WILL work.  Why it MUST work. How it CAN work.

I believe in you. It's time you believed in you too!


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