Business lessons from a cheerleader


2…4…6…8! Who do you appreciate?

(I found this in my parenting journal from 10 years ago & thought it still pertinent!)

These are the 2 youngest, now following in big sister's footsteps!

My eldest daughter will try out for her school’s cheer squad this week. She is a talented tumbler and one of the most positive and encouraging kids I know (LOVE THAT)!

However, as I was watching her work out with her practice squad this weekend, I noticed something very eye-opening. When she was on the front line, eyes straight ahead and focused – she performed flawlessly! When she moved to a different spot where she could see the other team members, she was consistently a step and a word behind.


When she was out front, she was focused on her task.

When she could see her peers, she was following them and watching to see what they were doing, which distracted her from what she knew was right.


She and I discussed it later and while I realize that she can’t always be out of the “sight line” of other team members, she can certainly keep her “blinders” on and focus 110% on the task and what she KNOWS is right, instead of being influenced by what “the crowd” is doing.

This goes for our business too, doesn’t it?

If we are more focused on what we KNOW is the right thing, the positive thing, the productive thing – then we are not distracted by what others are doing, saying, blogging, selling or thinking. Right???

This week, strive to focus on the right things, the positive things, the profitable things and keep your eyes facing FRONT!

Your business. Your life. Your way!

Leave a comment below and let me know what tends to distract you in your ‘sight line.'

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