Can there be TOO many choices?


This is a dry goods candy store in the Fort Worth Stockyards historical district. The kids and I love going down there to watch the cattle drive, wander through the shops and just ‘cowgirl' up in general.

I wanted to treat them to a little something while we waited on lunch, which brought us here…

The problem? They couldn't decide! They literally wandered back and forth from barrel to barrel, afraid to choose because they might miss the ‘best' choice!

It took us 30 minutes for each of them to choose 4 candies. Wow. (For a decisive person, that's me, it was driving me insane!)

You might think this is an oversimplistic example…but I think it's very accurate!

In a society that is demanding “half caff, no whip, less sweet, 1 pump of mint, add soy” lattes – the truth is – I believe consumers are overwhelmed with choices.

I think prospects are more encouraged to buy, to invest and to trust – when things are simplified. This goes beautifully with ‘the box' example from a previous post.

When you can clearly communicate to your prospect:

  • What is the result for you?
  • What is the promise from me?
  • What is your cost?
  • What are your choices?

Then you can move it to ‘yes or a no' and move on with business.

The ‘let me decides' and the ‘wandering from barrel to barrel' are killing your confidence, your conversions & your cash flow.

And that doesn't leave a very sweet taste in a business owner's mouth.

Let me know below when you have experienced this either in the candy store, the coffee shop OR in your business!

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