But why do I have to pick just one thing?

Wow!! Retail multi-tasking. One stop relationship shop

Wow! What a great option…you can plan your marriage and learn how to battle with your bride in the same locale!

This may seem like a silly example…but I think you see my point – that when you try to meet too many needs in the same location, either virtual or physical, you only end up confusing (or amusing) your prospects.

Has this been a challenge for you?

But Carrie…

  • I have so many ideas!
  • I am so good at lots of things!
  • I know people NEED these things!
  • This helps me be a one-stop-shop!

And yes, that's all true.

  • True…we entrepreneur types are never at a loss for ideas.
  • True…we are often jack of all trades.
  • True…there will always be prospects that need what you provide.
  • True…Wal-Mart sells batteries, bras and buttermilk in the same store and it seems to work for them.

But – you don't have the marketing dollars, the real estate, the team support or the brand power that Wal-Mart does.

But – Wal-Mart is a discounter and that's how they get you in the door. (That thinking will kill a solopreneur or small business.)

I know it's hard to focus. I know it's hard to reign it in. I know, because this is a challenge I  face too.

But you need to CHOOSE.

  • Choose what you ROCK at.
  • Choose what solves a consumer problem.
  • Choose what is marketable.
  • Choose where to laser focus your energies & avoid the ‘spray & pray' method.

It's difficult to wrap our minds around sometimes.

  • I choose to train, educate and encourage men and women who are building and growing a business from home.
  • I choose to work virtually with my clients, primarily via e-coaching and mentoring.
  • I choose to mass train via webinars, teleclasses, my blog and video.
  • I choose to help you grow in impact and profitability while keeping your priorities intact and your integrity steadfast.
  • I choose you.

What do YOU choose? Let's talk below about the ‘challenges of choosing' or some affirmations in your choices!



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