Do you need an idea, a pattern or an outline for your business?

My four children are all amazing and talented in so many ways, but today…I want to talk about Emily. She reminds me of you. A lot.

Emily is a 14 year old sophomore. She skipped 2nd grade. (she was an achiever and ‘rebel' early on) She is ranked #4 in her class of 256 graduates. She studies hard. She is very competitive, attractive, funny, stylish and driven. She has been getting ‘the friendliest' award since pre-K and has a tender heart for the underdog. She is musical, a voracious reader, a class officer and artistic. As an adopted child, she has a precious heart for orphans. She loves to travel, rebels against unfairness and she knows there is ‘something big' she is called to do.

See what I mean? In many ways, she is like you.

But what does this have to do with business, Carrie??

You want to have a profitable business. Yes?

And so next comes the barrage of questions:

  • What can I do?
  • Is that marketable?
  • How do I start?
  • Who wants what I have?
  • What do I know?
  • Is that too saturated?
  • and on and on and on…

But I think there is an even more important FIRST question!

How do you create?

When Emily created this image below, she was 9. The assignment was to create something from scenery you'd imagined in a book or a song.

Being a Texas gal, I really love this. I'm not sure what the scene was she is trying to create…but the fact is – she was happy with it. It achieved HER objectives.

Maybe you are a ‘creator' or business owner that likes to focus on ideas. Someone who likes to create from free thought and needs in the market. Something from your imagination, using your own palette, medium, shapes and sizes. You don't want a pattern or need an outline. Just let me create, you say!

This might be your style of business if:

  • You rebel against ‘how others are doing it'
  • You are wildly passionate about something and cannot rest until it's done.
  • You see the big picture clearly & don't want anyone else smudging it.
  • You like to read, listen to ideas, etc and then add your OWN style or spin to it
  • You are not easily frustrated
  • You work really well alone
  • You are okay if it isn't perfect, it's is YOURS after all
  • You are comfortable with risk-taking.
  • You are not overly concerned with the opinion of others.
  • Steve Jobs was this kind of creator. These are the innovators.

Doesn't sound like you yet? Keep reading!

When Emily created this image of Taylor Swift, she was 12. The assignment was to take a ‘pattern' or a ‘likeness' and complete it. To mirror it using your skills. She chose Taylor, because her younger sister is a big fan.

Sometimes you need a pattern

She did a great job, right?

Maybe you are a ‘creator' or business owner that likes to have a pattern. Someone who likes to see other peoples' businesses and ‘model' after them, using your own skills, talents and whatever flavor of crayon you prefer.

This probably means:

  • You are an independent learner & worker
  • You can receive an ‘overview' and run with the idea from there
  • You can connect dots on your own & don't need hand-holding
  • You see ‘the big picture' and know what steps it takes for you to fashion it into your own
  • You don't get frustrated easily
  • You don't require perfection or over-analysis, but allow yourself some ‘flow' and expression
  • You like the comfort zone of being able to refer back to the ‘original' pattern
  • You like puzzles and systems and knowing how things will fit to completion (with some trial & error)
  • Working with a coach or mentor is a good fit for you. You really like a sounding board.
  • You like proven methods, BUT want the freedom to blur the lines a bit.

Any of this resonating with you yet? Keep reading!

As the ‘biggest sister' with two younger sisters…you can imagine that Emily also spends some time doing ‘art' with them. Emily created this image of Rapunzel from Disney's “Tangled” during a Saturday morning pj session. The assignment was to complete the picture by coloring in the lines, Right?

This is still art. This is still her creation. This is still work

Maybe you are a ‘creator' or business owner that likes to have a proven, turn-key, fill in the lines type business model. Someone who likes to know without a doubt that ‘this will work.' This business owner likes to step into a system or process and be the ‘agent' of the business.

This might be your ideal model if:

  • Trial and error make you insane.
  • You have failed before and have fear about ‘creating' something new
  • You really crave the support system of others just like you
  • You like having a company backing you and doing your marketing
  • Ideas are not your best thing…you just want to ‘do'
  • You have limited time to ‘figure' something out
  • You want to ‘hit the ground running' right now

This is all art business. Right?

You are like Emily:

  • Talented
  • Intelligent
  • Driven
  • Creative
  • Knowing you having something ‘big' in you

But before you grab the brushes, pencils and easel and get ready to prep your business canvas…ask yourself, ‘How do I create?'

Don't worry about how I create, or she creates or ‘they' create. How. Do. You. Create?

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