Your Success Boils Down To Choices


Is it too harsh to say that you succeed or fail because of your choices?

I don't think so.

Today is ‘Tough Love Tuesday' — I think you achieving ANY goal boils down to choices.

Today, you CHOOSE your attitude.
Today, you CHOOSE your words.
Today, you CHOOSE what you listen to.

Today, you CHOOSE your tasks.
Today, you CHOOSE what you eat.
Today, you CHOOSE how you react in emotion.Today, you CHOOSE how you invest (or waste):
+ Your attention.
+ Your energy.
+ Your money.
+ Your time.

Today, you CHOOSE how you will influence (or be influenced by) others.

Today, you CHOOSE whether you pursue your goals or procrastinate again.

Today, you CHOOSE your steps, your path, your life.CHOOSE wisely.



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