Results are not guaranteed, gasp!


This will either by my most popular post, or my most UNpopular…it can go either way. It seemed to strike a nerve on my Facebook business page yesterday, so I thought I'd tweak it a bit and share it here too.

Because it has to be said…

It is NO secret that if you want results, you MUST put forth consistent, quality, effective effort.

But…regardless of success stories, before/after photos, testimonials and the promises…results are not guaranteed.

What??? But if I buy this, do that, stay busy 10 hours a day and cut soda, results MUST be guaranteed! Effort = Results, right?


  • Sometimes there is a growth period.
  • There are ‘nos'.
  • There is testing, tweaking, refining.
  • There are expenses.
  • There is competition.
  • There are external factors.

The truth about making progress is…

  • Sometimes it is hard.
  • Sometimes it is frustrating.
  • Sometimes we cry, we hurt, we want to quit.

Effort does NOT always = equivalent results.

BUT…results always REQUIRE effort.

Carrie, that doesn't seem fair. It seems like if I put in the work, I should reap immediate rewards!!

Well, let's look at a few scenarios, shall we?

** I can go for a run today. I can go for a run tomorrow. I can run every day this week and it still doesn't mean I am in shape or ready for a half marathon, or even a 5k! To condition myself for a race, for a distance, for a runner's body and results — I have to hang in there on the hard days, the hurt days, the bad weather days…the seemingly no-result days.

** I can cut my calories today. I can trim fat intake tomorrow. I can add more water to my diet, cut sugar, eat whole foods and journal every bite that goes into my mouth. That still doesn't mean I'm going to have immediate weight loss or permanent weight loss. My hormones, travel schedule, sleep patterns and metabolism will dictate the fact that I will go up and down on the scale, in inches and more. In order to see meaningful results – I have to hang in there on the tough days, the rough days, the hungry days and the mad-at-skinny-people-days.

One last scenario…

** I can set my alarm and get up early today to work my business. I can use a focused task list and a timer to stay on target. I can manage my social media, prospect wisely, share some great content, tweak my marketing funnel and even pitch my product or service to 3-5 people before supper. I can have the most efficient, effective, amazing day ever. That still doesn't mean I have a sustainable business, a profitable business, a stress-free income. I have to hang in there on the upset customer days, the zero interest days, the computer crash days and the expenses-outweigh-the-income days.

None of that sounds fun, I know.

  • We want to run and be ready.
  • We want to starve and be skinny.
  • We want to work and be rich.

We've been told Effective Effort = Immediate Results.

That is untrue.

How do you get results, make progress, move towards your goals?

  • Work smart.
  • Work consistently.
  • Listen to wise counsel.
  • Focus on one path.
  • Stop seeking miracles.
  • Stop wishing you were like her or him.
  • Show up.
  • Put in the work.
  • Test it.
  • Put in more work.
  • Measure results.
  • Put in more work.

Effort does not always bring immediate results, but results ALWAYS require effort.

Hang in there. It's not always fun, it's not always fast, but it will be worth it.

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