Business and the Wizard of Oz, What?


Nope, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

The days of doing business are changing…rapidly!

And you must change WITH it or you’re going to be left behind! (I won’t be so drastic as to suggest there are flying houses  or monkeys…but you get the point)

Are you a Dorothy?

Dorothy had a few KEY things going for her that many home-based business owners tend to neglect.

  • She had a PLAN: Get to the Wizard
  • She had a PATH: Stick to the Yellow Brick Road
  • She had a PURPOSE: She wanted to get home to Aunt Em
  • She had a PROCESS: One step at a time; surround yourself with a support team, help others along the way

This is how I operate my businesses. I focus on the core Plan, Path, Purpose and Process.

Sometimes there are witches, flying monkeys, fields of poppies and even good intentions that distract me…but by always getting BACK to the PATH, I tend to make more progress than that average business owner that is struggling with ‘shiny object syndrome’ and looking for instant solutions.

If Dorothy had waited on the Wizard to come pick her up in his hot air balloon…she’d have been stuck in Munckin-land a long time and never made any progress at all! And the Scarecrow would still be stuck in a field, the Lion hiding in the woods and the Tin Man would be rusted out completely!

I’m having a free call for Action Takers that are READY to get clear on their Plan and figure out their Path!

I’d love to see YOU there! ==> Register now for your best quarter ever <== if you are ready to take action and F.O.C.U.S. (follow one course until successful!)

If only it were as simple as clicking your heels together…but it doesn't have to be HARD…tune in and let's figure it out!

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