001: 3 Keys to Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward




In this 20 minute episode:

  • Learn a little bit about Carrie and what ‘Barefoot’ has to do with anything!
  • If doing things YOUR way and keeping your priorities is important, you’ll love this high-energy show.
  • What can you expect to hear in this series? How long will it be? Who is this for?
  • Who in the world is Ethel Sexton and why did she inspire Carrie’s podcast?
  • Feeling stuck? Carrie gives you 3 Keys to moving forward in life, business or towards any goal!
  • Why perfectionism will KILL your progress!
  • Who is listening to you and why that matters…
  • What is one thing you keep doing that has crushed your confidence and trashed your esteem?
  • Hint: Do this one thing repeatedly and every goal is YOURS!