two horses, one hiney — not possible


At last count, this post below on my page had 175 shares, 80+ comments & 555+ likes! So…I'm guessing I struck a nerve. I thought you might like to see it here too!

When you read it, please keep in mind that this applies to EVERY business model, niche & focus. I mentioned direct sales…but don't think for a minute it doesn't also apply to every entrepreneur's tendency to chase every shiny niche or market that interests them.

I'd love for you to share this with your teams, friends, families and networks. I'd love to see your comments below too…even if it is just ‘Ouch! I hear you Carrie!'

Stop waffling. Stop dabbling. Stop waivering.


I love to support direct sales and home marketing companies.

I use Scentsy warmers.
I use Mary Kay skin care & cosmetics.
I use Rodan & Fields body lotion and lip care.
I wear Premier & Paparazzi jewelry. I likely have some Cookie Lee too.
I cook with Pampered Chef.
I store with Tupperware.
I stash my stuff in Longaberger.
I use supplements ranging from Le-Vel to Plexus to Isagenix to Visalus to …you-name-it.
I spark from Advocare.
I carry my gear in a 31 bag.
I'm trying the lash stuff from Younique.
My girlies love to sport the Jamberry nails.
I'm a fan of oils from Living Essentials and d'Terra

I love it y'all and I love to support folks in business… BUT — listen (this is really important) __ BUT…if you are repping MORE THAN ONE COMPANY…you are doing yourself, your companies and your customers a disservice.

It is impossible to successfully ride 2 horses with one hiney. CanNOT be done.

“Which is the best opportunity?” your prospect asks you.

HOW DO YOU ANSWER THAT? You cannot even choose! #ouch

So…if you want to be a CUSTOMER of a LOT of them (like me). Support your sisters, support the industry, support the product line.

But STOP signing up to SELL all of them.

CHOOSE ONE. Choose a path. Choose a marketing plan, a compensation plan, a company culture and a product you can LOVE WITH, LIVE WITH and GROW WITH.

Otherwise…you'll be doing a lot of a little bit for a very long time and wondering why you aren't getting better results.


If you chase 2 rabbits at one time…you will catch neither one. Proven fact.

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