Our freakishly Jetsons kind of world


Here was the day's events…

  • I got cash from an ATM – no human required.
  • I got my groceries at the self-checkout – no human required.
  • I got gas from a pump – no human required.
  • I got my car washed at a drive-thru – no human required.
  • I got into the airport through an automated toll system – no human required.
  • I got my boarding pass at a kiosk – no human required.
  • I tagged my own bag and put it on the belt – no human required.

I never needed a human until I got to security and they wanted to put my gear (and my person) through another machine to make sure I wasn't endangering other humans. #irony

These were all jobs once upon a time.

  • Bank Tellers
  • Grocery Clerks
  • Gas Pump Attendants
  • Car Washers
  • Toll Takers
  • Airline Ticket Agents
  • Bag Checkers

What makes us think ANY job is secure?
Why rest in ease that ANY lifestyle is set?

  • Keep upping your skills.
  • Make sure you are invaluable, cross trainable and not too dependent.
  • Start something on the side.It's a scary, automated freakishly-close-to-the-Jetsons kind of place we live in these days.Make sure you aren't automated out of the picture and out of a paycheck.

I'd love to hear from you below with how you are taking steps to protect yourself from being automated-out.


[Yep – I cover how to start something on the side in ‘The Barefoot Executive' ]



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