Are You ALL In?



I grew up in a U.S. Coast Guard family…my dad was an officer… and our homes were always, well – near the water!

As such, we spent many weekends on the ocean. My dad loves to tell stories of me as a toddler and preschooler, fearlessly standing on the bow of the boat as we crashed through the waves (think Kate Winslet on the Titanic, minus Leo and the killer soundtrack).

Anyway, I digress.

My dad loved to fish. So, like many other misguided dads, he thought he should take us fishing too. (Now, as a grandfather, he realizes that the fishing career of a dad or grandfather consists of baiting hooks, untangling lines, finding safe places to potty and keeping kids safely in the boat. There is no actual Dad-fishing that happens.)

Well — my 2 big brothers, my mother and I were all present for this adventure. My brother Kevin (in this photo with me, awwwww cute, aren't we??) is somewhat *ahem* impatient.

While we were fishing – (I'm 3 and he's 5) – he kept jerking his rod up to check the bait, make sure the bobber was working and relocating his line every few seconds. I'm not kidding…Every. Few. Seconds.

Finally — my dad got really irritated with him and in a stern voice directed him, “Kevin Scott, throw it in and leave it!”

My very wise brother, using his best manners… wanted to clarify, “Sir??”

Dad was steadfast. “I said — throw it in and LEAVE it alone!”

Sure enough (you know what's coming, right?) — Kevin tosses the entire rod and reel OVERBOARD, just like he was told.

My next few memories are blotchy (as traumatic ones tend to be) – but the family tells me that Dad stripped to his boxers (he was dressed to fish, not to swim y'all) and jumped in after the rod & reel, hoping to save his costly fishing tackle!

I must admit…while this may seem like a silly story to you — that is something I've learned from my dad and brothers time after time… ‘Go ALL in or just don't bother!'

In so many situations, we dip our toe in, we wet our bait, we test the temperature, we shift our strategy or line every few seconds… RELUCTANT to commit.

Have you considered that's why you are getting lukewarm or mediocre results?

* Are you working out, KINDA?
* Are you eating right, SORTA?
* Are you seeing someone, a LITTLE?
* Are you starting a business, MAYBE?

Go ALL in! Be willing to make a BIG SPLASH!

In this photo – Kevin and I were at the military pool, taking swimming lessons. My family STILL teases me about wanting to swim…wanting to jump in…wanting to play — as long as my face stayed DRY.

Luckily — I learned early (and often) — that going ALL in gets you where you're going faster because of the commitment!

I encourage you…whether you are testing a relationship, a business, a skill, a body change or a big decision…GO ALL IN!





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