Will what you’re building last beyond your life?

Today is my dad’s 77th birthday.

Even if he were not my father, he would strike me as an incredible human.


He’s featured in a chapter of my book, The Barefoot Executive.

I’ve podcasted about him.

Rarely do I step off a stage where I haven’t mentioned him several times.

And now…I’ve created a mini-film to honor him, to explain my work and to encourage YOU!

  • It’s short (even my kids sat still long enough to watch and learn).
  • It’s well-produced.
  • It’s a powerful lesson.

Please take a handful of minutes today…maybe skip a few commercials, watch during dinner prep, soccer practice or after the kids get into bed.  Better yet – let them watch with you.

It is my great honor to share my father with you.

If you learn a small portion of what I’ve learned from him… it’s a better world.