You Must Know Your Numbers


I've been on a health and weight loss journey for the better part of the last 15 years (not a typo). But really *consistently* over the last THREE years.

And progress lately has been slower, I've not been as calculated and I knew that I needed to focus on body composition and NOT just the scale.

So…I blasted every comfort zone of mine, put on a swimsuit and went to be body fat tested. Underwater.

They printed out my data in BLACK and WHITE so I cannot pretend it doesn't exist and NOW I can get to work on increasing muscle mass and shifting my overall body composition. Eeeekkkkk.

Y'all. I did the same when I was in debt. When business was stuck. When my relationships were stale. And more


If you're going to focus on goals and making changes…you can no longer ignore facts and data. (Read. That. Again.)

The reason we slip into deeper and deeper debt or overweight or business lack or disrepair is because we are CHOOSING to stay ignorant of our numbers. We are hopeful and optimistic that things will “work themselves out” or we have given up altogether. “That's just how things are.”

Stop it! You CAN be your best you! Start with awareness!

***If you're in debt.
Know TO THE PENNY what you owe and the interest rate. (It's more than you think).

***If you're broke
Know TO THE PENNY what your monthly ongoing obligations are, where your leaks are, what your income is or ISN'T and make it real! Write it down.

If you're overweight or over-fatigued or out of time, spiritually distant or in stale relationships….do the discovery, find the data and make it real.

Stop ignoring the truth.

***Know your numbers.***

And THEN…then you can focus on the little tweaks and changes that move the needle on those scary numbers to a better place.

Nothing huge.

Nothing radical.

But focus on little shifts in the right direction so that in your NEW HABIT of KNOWING your NUMBERS…you can be encouraged and celebrate the successes that start adding up for you!!

Meanwhile…Imma go do some deep breathing exercises because I just posted this picture to the internet. Mercy.

(Psssst. I believe in you. Your turn to believe too!)

What numbers do you need to figure out?

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