Are You Waiting for Permission to Get Your Goals?

Do you have a list of goals locked away in a dusty drawer somewhere in the back of your mind?

Well, it’s time to go fetch that list, blow the dust off and stop waiting around for permission to go after your goals!

I’m not just talking about business goals either. Goals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Your goal could be to lose weight, improve your health, take the next step in your career or to walk on the moon – your goal can be anything you want it to be.

I just have one rule when it comes to your goals and it’s this…

STOP waiting for permission to pursue your goals!

Whoever you think you need permission from, you don’t. From a young age, we’re taught that it’s not good to be selfish. Then, we end up thinking that going after our goals and wanting more makes us selfish. So, what do we do? We stop chasing our goals altogether.

I want to change that, and I want YOU to give yourself permission to go after your goals. Wanting something more from life doesn’t make you selfish. It makes you human.

Here are three very important reasons why you have permission to pursue your goals and I want you to really think about these reasons – don’t just skim over them!

1. YOU’RE Worth It

You have permission to pursue your goals because you are worth it. It’s not about whether or not you (or anyone else) thinks you deserve it or not, it’s because you’re worth it.

We’re all created equal and that’s a fact. You have as much value as anyone else and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Many people (including myself) take great comfort knowing that God created us for a reason. You have a purpose. You have value and you are worthy.

Superficial and materialistic things don’t make you any more or less worthy than somebody else. You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting more or feeling as though you don’t deserve it. You are worth achieving a goal that fulfills you, whether that’s to lose weight, add a title to your name, increase your income and so on.

Whatever your goal may be, you have permission to pursue it. If there’s someone in your life who isn’t on board with your goal, don’t let them sway you. Try to help them understand why this goal is so important to you and let them know that their support means a lot to you. Hopefully, they’ll understand and who knows, you might even inspire them to go after a goal that they’ve been procrastinating on too!

You need to know and believe that you’re worth it and you’re worth pursuing your goals, no matter how big, small or outrageous they may be.

2. Your SHAREHOLDERS Are Worth It

I know what you’re thinking, “Shareholders? I don’t have any!” But you’re wrong! Whether you’re in business or not, you have shareholders and they are worth giving yourself permission to go after your goals.

Traditionally, shareholders are the people that make money when the company makes money. In other words, they own shares of a company and therefore, the profitability of that company directly impacts the shareholders.

However, people like you and me have shareholders too. Your family, friends, kids, landlord and yes, even your fluffy four-legged friends – they’re all shareholders because they’re affected by the decisions you make and the decisions you don’t make.

Therefore, they all deserve for you to pursue your goals. If your goal is to get healthy, they deserve to know that happy and healthy version of you. If you want to increase your income, they deserve that too. If you think your shareholders aren’t affected by your goals, you’re wrong.

Your shareholders deserve to know the healthier, happier or wealthier version of yourself. If you aren’t going to pursue your goal for yourself, at least pursue it for them.

Are You Waiting for Permission to Get Your Goals?

3. The People WATCHING You Are Worth It

You might not realize it, but people are watching you. You are a role model for someone. There are people who look up to you, and they’re counting on you to go after your goals and show them that it’s possible.

Your circle of influence deserves for you to achieve your goals. Every time I hear that I’ve inspired someone to change their lives for the better, it reminds me that I need to consider the people who are watching me. You never know who is watching, which is why you need to remember that your words and actions matter.

Even if you don’t have a huge following, that doesn’t mean that nobody is watching you. The average person has a network of 200 people. This includes all of your friends and family, people from your neighborhood, moms on the PTA, parents of other kids, people you see every day at the grocery store or at church, etc.

No matter who you are, you have people watching you and without even knowing it, you could be the one positive force in their lives. The voice in the dark that gives them hope. The catalyst that moves them towards positive change.

So, if you’re not willing to pursue your goals for you, do it for those who are watching and who knows, you might inspire someone to change their lives for the better and that alone would be worth it.

Are you ready to pursue your goals?

I hope these three reasons give you permission that you think you need to pursue your goal. The truth is that you never needed permission in the first place. The only person you need permission from is YOU.

Be the rock that causes the ripple of change. Don’t be satisfied being somebody else’s ripple!

I would LOVE to know what goal you’re pursuing right now!

If you’d like to share it with me, please do! You can share it with privately or let me know over on Facebook or Instagram!

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